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Stock & FX Markets (End of Life)

Lerigos Capital HFT

A low latency high frequency trading system with a track record of earning over 180% returns in the last 3 years. Utilizing the latest technology and serving over 1000 clients globally, it boasts a 72% success rate in detecting positive orders on NYSE and NASDAQ.
Web3 & Real Estate - Q3 2023

Project Eucaliptus

A project utilizing blockchain technology to invest in real estate, generate revenue through rentals and resales, and distribute monthly dividends to investors based on their ownership share. The ultimate objective is to empower people worldwide to accumulate wealth through innovative real estate investing.
Blockchain Fund - Q3 2023

Project Andromeda

Our successful track record in the stock market has given us the confidence to expand into the crypto market. With the launch of our flagship crypto fund, we aim to bring our expertise and innovative approach to the crypto market using machine learning and an in-house HFT system. Further, it will be more interesting.
As a team, we pride ourselves
At Lerigos Capital, diversity is an opportunity – for clients, employees and Firm. By valuing diverse perspectives, we can better serve our clients while we help employees achieve their professional objectives. Join us.

High Frequency Trading Fees

Our fees for different HFT portfolios

BlackRock Portfolio


Annual Performance

  • Conservative Strategy
  • Long-term Investment
  • No Margin Trading
  • Priority Support
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ICON Wealth


Annual Performance

  • Aggressive Strategy
  • High Frequency Trading
  • Margin Trading Allowed
  • Privilege Support
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Morningstar Portfolio


Annual Performance

  • Moderate Strategy
  • Long-term Investment
  • No Margin Trading
  • Priority Support
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Every portfolio include 2% management and 20% performance fee.

IСON Direct Lynk

Our servers are connected to the ultra-fast Equinix NY4 network, allowing us to execute orders in less than a millisecond, using best Intel Xeon Platinum processors.

Security & Performance

You have complete control over your funds, as we simply manage them in your trading account on your behalf. Security and positive return is a top priority for us.

Supported Integrations

Our platform is compatible with Interactive Brokers and Alpaca Markets trading accounts. Simply connect your account using API keys for seamless integration.

Man Group Technology

Our internal infrastructure relies on the technology solutions offered by MAN Group, which we are passionate about and use to efficiently handle large amounts of data.

We Care About You

Lerigos TrustLine™

We're passionate about our work and intensely focused on performing at the highest levels. To get there, we strive to out-think and out-work competitors and find the best balance of risk and return across all investment styles on behalf of our clients. Join us and get benefit!

Latest News

"With an eye towards bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds, we are actively planning the launch of new initiatives that will connect the benefits of Web3 technology with the traditional offline business community."

- Dmitriy G.

"As forward-thinking investors, we have embraced the future of technology by investing in innovative Web3 projects. Our early involvement in this exciting field positions us at the forefront of new opportunities and growth."

- Pavel N.

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